Already during my dual degree course in Business Administration (BA) I got to know many facets of the retail trade. The first experiences in processes and in the control of branches I collected in the Controlling Department of the French cosmetics manufacturer Yves Rocher. After that, I switched to the mobile industry, where I set up Shop Controlling and Real Estate Management for the still-growing shop chain of debitel. During this time I also completed my MBA degree in International Management Consulting. The advice-specific content has been reviewed by internationally recognized experts and consultant associations in Germany, such as the Bundesverband Deutscher Unternehmensberater – BDU e.V., and is recognized as an international standard. For the American chain store Levi Strauss, I was responsible for the Expansion Department and I acquired retail space and franchise partners for a further growth. Later, as District Manager for Levi’s, I was responsible for Stores and Outlets sales and employee motivation. Before founding Bez Consulting, I was responsible for the German branches of Yves Rocher as Sales Director Retail.